Just as in the children’s book “Oh, the Places You'll Go!” by Dr. Seuss, I believe in the importance of the direct connection to nature in our lives, which is why I invite you to take your family and go out into the open spaces. Getting away from daily life and experiencing nature together will bring children and adults closer. The tours that I guide are experiential and customized to the group.

Here are some recommended trips for families.

Yatir Forest - Hiking on the Israel National Trail, a trail that crosses Israel. About 940 km of mountains, valleys, streams, archeology and cultural diversity - an opportunity to explore one of Israel's most beautiful and interesting areas - the Yatir Forest. A hike to one of the highest peaks in Israel, a colorful blossom and a glance into Israeli life in the desert. The length of the trip: 9 km, half a day

Lake Yeruham - an amazing trip near a desert town - on this trip we will reach Yeruham Lake, we will see water in the heart of the desert and ascend to the mountains to get an amazing 360-degree lookout to the desert. On the way we will encounter animals, rare flowers, deserted spaces and more. A recommended trip for November because of the blooming Peonies! This trip is a half-a-day tour.

Valley of the Ella – A part of the famous Israel National Trail, covering Horbat, Madras and Tel Azeka. An opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Israel - the Judean plain. We will start the trip from Tel Azeka and hear about the story of the battle between David and Goliath, and we'll have a picnic under the trees. We will tour the ruins of Midras, where we will discover caves that only the bravest among us will dare to crawl in. The length of the trip is about half a day.

Shivta and Azuz - When we think of the Negev desert, we imagine a dry and lifeless place. It turns out that throughout history many people chose to settle in the Negev. They maintained a rich social life and conducted extensive agriculture requiring a decent amount of water. On our trip we will reach the most mysterious and forgotten area in the country – the Western Negev. We'll see a real city from 2000 years ago, a tiny village that looks like taken out of a Western movie, and we'll run down huge dunes! The length of the trip is about half a day.

Hasharon Beach Reserve - a walk in a magical reserve that hides in the center of the country. In the reserve we can see a colorful bloom of flowers, look out into the horizon and see the virgin beach of 'gaash' and if we are lucky we will meet with the deers and animals in their natural environment The tour will be accompanied by games, songs and puzzles, followed by a relaxing picnic under Eucalyptus trees. Short track and suitable for small children

Nahal Havarim at night - an opportunity for a special trip, a moonlit night trip! The route begins at an ancient Nabataean water cistern south of the Ben-Gurion Midrasha and ends at Nahal Zin, near the road leading to Ein Ovdat. The route is of intermediate difficulty and about 5 kilometers long - a great experience for any traveler. The perfect time for this tour are full moon nights, since the bright marlstones illuminate the stream as daylight. Haven’t visited this sight yet? It's about time!