"The secret of the beauty of the desert is that it holds a source of living water ..." As the little prince says, the desert is magical and hides many opportunities. As someone who lives and breathes the desert, I invite you to break away from the familiar and go out with me on a social and cultural journey. The desert tours that I offer are suitable for every group and offer an encounterment of nature and local cultures - desert towns, remoted settlements, Bedouin villages and more.

These are some recommended tours-

A two-day hike in the Great Makhtesh (Crater) - a two-day walk along the Israel National Trail at the entrance of the Great Crater. Camping and cooking under the stars. This tour is challenging: ladders and rock steps. Suitable for those who want to rest from civilization and experience the true desert.

Nature and society in the desert - A short walk to a spectacular view of the Great Makhtesh (Crater) that ends at a spot with colored sand (yellow, green, purple, red and more). Then we will enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal in Yeruham and hear the story of the place. We will end the trip with a glimpse into the Bedouin society by visiting a unique project!

Nature and society in the desert - Visit of the community of the village Har Amasa, an isolated village on a mountain peak, located between forest and desert. We'll hear the story of the place and have coffee. From there we will hike a part of the Israel National Trail in the Yatir Forest, the largest planted forest in Israel. We will end the trip with a glimpse into the Bedouin society by visiting a unique project!

Life in the Negev desert: Throughout history an today - When we think of the Negev desert, we imagine a dry and lifeless place. It turns out that throughout history many people chose to settle in the Negev. They maintained a rich social life and conducted extensive agriculture requiring a decent amount of water. On our trip we will focus on a mysterious area of the Negev- Ramat Negev and Nitzana. We will discover settlements from 2000 years ago to the present. We will learn about the Negev villages in terms of history, presence, geography, religions, archeology and more.