Israel is a wonderful destination for tourism - in a relatively small area you will find plenty of history, archeology, a variety of flora and fauna and different landscapes - snowy mountains, forests, clean beaches and a wide desert. Come and discover Israel with me! We will reach the "must see" as well as the less known and more rural parts of the country. I offer a variety of tours and invite you to build the perfect vacation together with me. Here are some of the tours I offer:

Jerusalem - A magical walking tour of the old city of Jerusalem. The tour will lead you through the narrow streets of the old city. We will try to understand some of the mystery and holiness of the city, which is the most important to Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We will visit the sites that must not be missed in old Jerusalem - Jaffa Gate, Zion Gate, Jewish Square, the Western Wall, a lookout from the rooftops, Roman street, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and more. We will have lunch at the Mahane Yehuda market. After the meal we will continue to a lookout point from which we can see the old and the modern Jerusalem. The length of this trip is about half a day.

Desert trip in the Makhtesh Ramon- the largest of the eight craters in the world. Ein Saharonim is a wonderful route in the crater on the Israel National Trail. On this track we will climb a hillside from which we can see the breathtaking desert landscape. We will reach a small spring in the middle of the desert and see how the water creates interesting rock shapes by its movement. At the end of the route we will reach an ancient Nabatean Khan. After the hike, we will have lunch in Mitzpeh Ramon. This trip is of intermediate difficulty and takes half a day.

Christian tour of the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth - On our trip we will go north to the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth and follow the path of the life of the apostle of Christianity - Jesus. We will see where he grew up, where he spread his teachings and made miracles happen. The tour combines historical, archeological, theological and geographic aspects. The content is being transferred in a friendly atmosphere with a focus on a special experience for the tourist. The trip includes drives and short walks between the sites. Length of trip - full day.

Masada and the Dead Sea - trip to two Must-See sites in Israel - Masada and the Dead Sea. We will start with a tour of Masada - an isolated cliff in the heart of the desert, where once stood a huge palace. We will hear the unique story of the place that has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Afterwards we will continue to a hike in a magical reserve that hides in the lowest place on earth - the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. The reserve is the home of springs and waterfalls in the heart of the desert. We will encounter animals in their natural habitat and finish with a bath at the Dead Sea. Length of trip - full day

Tel Aviv and Jaffa - an integrated tour in the city that never sleeps combined with a trip through the ancient parts of Jaffa. During the Tel Aviv tour we will discover the most beautiful neighborhood of the city- Neve Tzedek, hear its’ story and get to the places to be. Then we will continue to Jaffa - one of Israel’s oldest cities. The city has been through quite a lot throughout history - various rulers conquered it and every ruler destroyed and rebuilt it again and again. But only the Turkish ruler Muhammad Abu Nabut managed to revive it. The remains of his constructions have been preserved and will be visited during the tour. We will also take a wonderful walk through alleys and visit the market, see the sea and much more. Length of trip- full day