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Doug's Review

One-on-On desert tour

"Excellent guide! Itamar is an intelligent, humorous and sensitive person!"

Chanoch Rosenberg

"We had a wonderful time touring with Itamar during our stay in Israel. We were a family group of 9 and Itamar did a fantastic job guiding us through such amazing sites throughout The Old City of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee and many, many more areas. Itamar has a very pleasant, patient demeaner that he balances well with his true enthusiasm for his work and his thorough knowledge of history. We highly recommend Itamar as a personal guide during your stay in Israel. He will make sure you see all the sites, that you learn a ton about the rich history all while having an amazing time."

Doug Hurd

Chanoch's Review

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Vanessa's Review

"To start with a rating from 1—10 whereas 10 is excellent I would rate my trip with Itamar as 11. This was my second time I did a desert tour and second time with Itamar, but this time I was on my own. To those women they like to do their own thing, I can highly recommend Itamar. He is trustful, highly respectful, it is a lot of fun, you learn a lot and he just prepares the best hikes customized for you. You are safe at all times. And due to a thousand thanks to his wife you will have the best food on your trip as well. Just make sure you can really eat everything as it will be a lot. I promise you will not starve at all on your trip.Coming back on the sceneries of the desert, I love the beauty of the landscape, the colors and the amazing silent. Itamar always chooses the right path for you, not the tourist one, but very special and unforgettable. He can organize small and easy ones or a 10h daily hike going up the hills, Machteschs the whole time :)I will definitely come back and explore more. See you next time. Best regards"

Nili's Review

"We were on a sunrise trip to Masada and the Dead Sea with students from abroad and Itamar guided them in English. The guidance at Masada was very good and interesting. He was able to quickly identify subjects of interest of the group and went with the flow on various subjects. Itamar managed to add several anecdotes about the surroundings. Itamar is very pleasant and the guidance took place in a good and fun atmosphere. I recommend!"

Overseas Student Program -  Ben-Gurion University


"We had a great tour of 2 days with Ita. We enjoyed it so much as he is so incredibly knowledgeable and he ingested so many great conversations on any historic sight or biblical event. We loved it.
At the same time he is very likeable and did treat our larger and complex group with much sensitivity.
If you have a chance, get him as your tour guide."

Christof Wahl

Christof's Review

Family Trip

"We booked Itamar for a trip with a few families with children in the second grade. Before the trip we received from him various options for trips that suited the number of participants and the children’s age. We went with the guides recommendation and chose an amazing trail with gorgeous views. During the trip Itamar caught the children’s interest with riddles and made the trip interesting, challenging and pleasant. Highly recommended!"